Monday, September 14, 2009

Solar Roof Tiles!

This is neat! Per an article in DesignBoom here: three-dimensional solar roof tiles that capture a broader spectrum of light, and are more functional in terms of co-existing with a traditional tiled roof (rather than sitting flat/ at an angle on top of the roof).


  1. Solar roof tiles are so cool! They’re beauty and functionality rolled into one -- now, that is what I call a timely innovation. Given the rising cost of energy these days, consumers are always on the lookout for cheaper sources of energy. And solar energy is one under-tapped energy resource that is virtually free for all.

    Norbert Floth

  2. This innovation in solar roof tiles will cater to most types of roof surfaces. This takes energy saving to a whole new level. This is surely a stylish way to conserve energy and take advantage of our natural resources. :)

    -Santo Caridine

  3. The solar roof tiles are sexy. It looks almost exactly the same with the existing roof tiles. But so far, we still rely on metal roof. We've met this roofing contractor who is very reliable that we don't have to change our roof for a long time now.

    Richard Boles

  4. Wow! The solar panels are like camouflaging, concealed but in a fashionable way. This could be the next trend in house or roof designs soon. I bet that it’s more affordable than those bulky solar panels.

    Kip Whitehead

  5. I definitely agree with you, Kip! I think solar roof tiles will soon become the public’s primary choice, as more people become increasingly aware of and concerned about saving the environment.

    Eugene Head

  6. Solar shingles will soon be an excellent solution if you like the idea of powering your home with solar power energy. Solar roof tiles are not quite there yet and not as efficient as solar panels, but within 3 to 5 years experts say they will be on par with the conventional solar panel.

    Iko roofing shingles

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