Saturday, November 7, 2009


apple from Colin Nusbaum on Vimeo.

Watch full size if at all possible.

This is a stunning short film made by Colin Nusbaum, his submission for the TRUNK SHOW. The photograph shows how the film was displayed during the opening night. His artist statement appears below.

Nusbaum, Colin 08, originally uploaded by JuliaVHendrickson.


Colin Nusbaum

Video, found suitcase, clothing, magazines, toiletries

This video installation fixes the camera’s eye on scenes of Brooklyn and New York City. By climbing on bridges and sneaking on rooftops, I was able to see the city through a lens from high above. The actual aerial images were captured in sunlit high definition and focused in a tilt-shift technique to shrink space and virtually magnify the spectator.

Like much of my work, this project was designed as a sincere documentation and playful invitation to turn the camera on oneself. apple inspires reflection from a new perspective as it gazes at movement through city space. Specifically, the montage celebrates transit and motion itself, without regard for destination—showing people in mid-gallop. The video makes the big city small before us, so we can might scrutinize and innocently indulge.

I was initially drawn to the scenes because, when eyed from above, locomotion appears both mechanically trivial and yet utterly graceful. Ironically, it was not until I finished shooting the project and descended back to ground level that I began to feel disoriented and dizzy with vertigo.

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