Friday, May 28, 2010

David Lynch's "The Cowboy and the Frenchman"

I recently finished watching The Short Films of David Lynch, a compilation of some of the early short works he's done over the years, and one of them was particularly silly, so I thought I'd share. (Note: The other shorts are also worth checking out, but all besides this one have some pretty gruesome Lynchian moments. My second favorite was The Grandmother, [1970]).

Commissioned for a series on French television called The French as Seen By...,The Cowboy and the Frenchman was completed after Blue Velvet in 1988 as David Lynch's ode to France. It's quite absurd, full of pretty awful stereotypes, and visions of the soon-to-be Twin Peaks flutter in and out throughout this 25-minute gem.

(Note: It takes a bit to load this video. If it seems like it's loaded and doesn't start right away, move the tab slightly to the right and get it past the first couple of seconds).

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  1. I watched this last summer, it was my favorite on the DVD. I hope he's currently up to something... that isn't anything like Inland Empire.