Monday, July 26, 2010

Music: Kelli Scarr

This is a song created by Moby and singer Kelli Scarr for NPR's Project Song, called Gone to Sleep. She also sang with Moby in his 2009 song Wait for Me, and has toured with him.

I just listened to Scarr's newest album Piece (found here, streaming on NPR until its release on Aug. 10th). I like her voice a lot (she's a Berklee grad, and very much in control of her sound). I hear a blend of Cat Power's Chan Marshall, Mirah, and Azure Ray's Maria Taylor. The album gets a bit too over-the-top, emotional, and operatic for me to recommend the whole thing in one go, but many of the songs taken by themselves, are quite lovely.

If you have a minute, do listen to the first song on the album, called Salt to the Sea.

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