Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raising Chicago (Lilli Carré)

I bet you'll chuckle at this four page comic spread (and history lesson) by Chicago artist Lilli Carré  published in the August 2010 issue of Chicago Magazine.

Lilli Carré is a very talented woman and artist whose work I respect very much. She recently finished up a residency at Spudnik Press, for which she created a beautiful series of handmade artist books (see here) and small silkscreened prints. The books are marvelous, and I wish they could be published as children's books. The prints from the residency are quite sweet, flat and simple in a way that recalls Grecian pottery decoration.

I love the way she plays with the use of transparency in the ink application; she's using it to create new color, as well as a ghostly layering of imagery.

Lilli's website is here, and her blog is here at Kettle of Fish.

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