Thursday, September 9, 2010

Poster Feature: Sonnenzimmer's Insound "10 for 10"

One of my favorite screen printing duos in Chicago, Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of Sonnenzimmer, have just released an incredible screen printed poster series for Insound (an online indie music/ merch shop). They've been working on this for months, and what a treat!

10 posters for 10 bands that had a big impact on music in 2010 (picked by Insound), that also come together to form this larger poster, below:

Yowza! Nick and Nadine designed each poster individually, dividing up the bands between the two of them, and then fine-tuned the larger image. Here is a fun, short segment on the process:

Sonnenzimmer Insound 10 for 10 Process from Sonnenzimmer on Vimeo.

Sonnenzimmer has been working on this series for most of 2010, so it's also neat to see how it relates to the fine art work that they also create; in August Nadine and Nick participated in Public Works, an annual art/design exhibition and lecture series held at Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago (organized by Chris Eichenseer and Annika Welander at SomeOddPilot). Both Nadine and Nick showed paintings that reference landscape and space in subtle ways, revealing experiments with saturation and flatness (similar thought processes are visible in the 10 for 10 series).

Channel Approximation, Nick Butcher, 2010.  
Oil on canvas (with screenprint?) One of eight 12x12" panels in a series.
Shown at Public Works, Andrew Rafacz Gallery in Chicago, Illinois, August 2010. Image found here.

See the connections, and take a look at the individual posters and shirts on Insound's website here. These are some of my favorites:

All artwork by Sonnenzimmer.

Currently Sonnenzimmer is working on more posters, a record, and (more long-term) a follow-up to Nadine's stunning artist book about the process of design, Formal Additive Programs

If you're in Chicago and want to check out the whole 10 for 10 series in person (and meet Nadine and Nick!), swing by Longman & Eagle in Logan Square on Tuesday, September 14th at 9pm for a reception celebrating the release of the series.

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