Monday, October 18, 2010

Video/ Lit: How Ink (& a book) Is Made

via Christopher Hudgens at Bad at Sports.

While this ain't no Reading Rainbow video, it still is pretty nifty to have a context for the inks that we're surrounded by. Those velvety rollers and tubs 'o CMYK really make me drool. The featured business is from... can you guess? Canada! It's The Printing Ink Company.

Tangentially, I was wistfully reminded of a favorite children's story of mine that also happens to be a Reading Rainbow book, written by Aliki (full name Aliki Liacouras Brandenberg), called How a Book is Made. From 1986, it's a charming, educational insight into the writing, printing, and publishing process. I just love it when cute, well-dressed cats tell me all about books.

All images copyright Aliki and HarperCollins.

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