Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video Documentary: Paul Muldoon, on poetry and the creative spirit

Five Dialogues, Paul Muldoon from Wunderkammer Magazine on Vimeo.

This inspiring interview of poet Paul Muldoon was recently released from Wunderkammer Magazine, filmed and directed by a friend, J.M. (Jason) Harper, and his colleague, David Michael.

Muldoon is the poetry editor at The New Yorker, and was one of Jason's professors at Princeton University. After being introduced by Jason to Muldoon's work this summer, I have plunged back into his Pulitzer Prize-winning Horse Latitudes (2006) recently, and it is a rewarding and stunning experience. Read aloud, it bewitches; read to oneself, it evokes laughter and invites revisiting. One of my favorite poems, Eggs, can be heard read by Muldoon in a 2007 NPR story here. It's worth it.

Note: Jason's other film projects (commercial, documenrary, music video, and narrative) can be found here. (My other favorite of his is Drug Police).

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