Thursday, March 24, 2011

Film: Scrappers

Scrappers Trailer from scrap movie on Vimeo.

If you haven't seen this amazing 2010 documentary yet (given two thumbs up by Roger Ebert), then make it your next movie viewing priority. Driven by a stellar Frank Rosaly score, and winding through classically Chicago alleyways, Scrappers steadfastly follows Oscar and Otis, two men who have made a living by collecting and reselling discarded scrap metal. Among many things, the film touches on the 2008 financial crisis, gendered economic production, class struggles, and immigration rights.

You can see some interesting post-production photos of the people in the film here (from one of the directors, Brian Ashby). Otis recently celebrated his 77th birthday!

Brian Ashby and Ben Kolak leave today on a Southern Circuit Tour, visiting 9 states (including Ohio and Pennsylvania!) for screenings over the next few weeks.

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