Sunday, August 7, 2011

"Grow No Moss" Pre-Release Review

My dear friend Charlie recently wrote a thoughtful, considered pre-release review of my upcoming book of poetry, Grow No Moss, and on community and collaboration in art-making. You can take a look at what he wrote here. An excerpt, below:

The sheer magnitude of effort required to keep oneself from dissolving and the sheer magnitude of effort required to make oneself a little known to anyone else—these surface on every page of Grow No Moss. Not only in the poems, but in the paper, the glue, the ink, and the ally-trafficked rooms of its creation.

Working on inviting some other Chicago writers to read with me at the book release at Andrew Rafacz Gallery on August 25th-- more details on the awesome line-up to come soon! Also will be reading at the Forest Park Public Library some time in September.

I just returned from Ox-Bow where I worked hard, slept very little, and made seven lithographs in six days, one of which will be the cover for the book. The image above is a shot from the Ox-Bow website; I'm inking up a stone in the print shop. Ox-Bow is a marvelous, deliriously beautiful, magical place. I can't wait to go back, hopefully next summer, and work even harder.

Working on a Printeresting post about the class, with loads of photographs to come. Keep an eye out.

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