Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hotel Chateau

05-07-09_1206.jpg, originally uploaded by JuliaVHendrickson.

I adore this hotel's sign. It's on Broadway and something... near Irving Park, maybe?

The days have been tumultuous, but I have resolved to work with this and try new things. I asked for more adventure and I must stick to my goals. Today was a wandering day, writing for a couple of hours outside in the sun at a coffee shop in Wrigleyville, then a long walk home to clear my head. I captured a good handful of great signs and textual imagery on my way back (the "Hotel Chateau" is one of them), which was fun. Finally visited a nearby thrift store, frequented by lots of insane people, but it was nice to find some goodies. Haven't been thrifting in a while.

Considering going to go see the film Sita Sings the Blues at the Gene Siskel tonight. Heartbreak, Hinduism, and animation, sounds right up my alley. It's apparently available for viewing online... it has a limited theater release because of soundtrack copyright snafus, but it might be nice to see it large.

Very much looking forward to seeing Loney Dear perform this weekend at Schuba's. Singer/ songwriter Emil's work is very enthralling, although I wish whoever mixed or mastered the newest CD had done a better job. Sometimes the bass is way too heavy, overpowering the speakers and the song.

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