Thursday, May 7, 2009

La Joie de Vivre

(Screen shots taken from film, located here).

Woah. I highly recommend setting aside 9 minutes of your life to watch this quirky little French modernist animation, La Joie de Vivre (1934).

I love all of the experimentation with the multi-panel layered animation (although it gets a little crazy and overdone at the end) and the playful, surrealist way in which the animators use the art nouveau/ art deco imagery. The varying uses of perspective are fun as well.

Matisse's influence is everywhere!

Don't even get me started on the dangerous perils of lascivious male bicyclists hiding behind "DANGER" doors, or all of the sexualized flower/ tunnel imagery.

Here is Europa Film Treasure's "Brief History" about the short film.

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  1. I made a little post responding to this, you should check it out. That was definitely some of the most bizarre and delightful nine minutes I've spent staring at this screen.