Monday, July 20, 2009

Art Institute visit

Visited the Art Institute very briefly this afternoon with my parents, stopped by the Cy Twombly show again. I couldn't resist buying the catalogue: here. It is a lovely publication, compact, with the green of the artwork on the cover as a loose half-page faux dust jacket. Looking forward to curling up with that tonight.

This time I looked more at the sculptures, which I didn't enjoy before, but they're growing on me. There was one piece-- an upside down dark brown wooden crate beneath a painted white box form, and on the top were two dark brown oar-shaped forms. The depth of color in the wood was so rich and intense, I couldn't help but keep walking around and around it. There was also a curious upside down figure of a late 19th century man walking engraved into the box, which I couldn't quite figure out. I also was drawn to a sculpture that was primarily a ~2" x 4' white board with blue painted script starting at the top and fading as it ran down the plank. I'll read more about these and see what I can glean.

The Prints and Drawings Dept. show, Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper was also simply excellent. They have so much space now! I loved that Oyvind Fahlstrom and Arturo Herrera made appearances.

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