Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Tree Theory Bags

These bags are really, really cool. Tree Theory's website is here. They are a Chicago-based company, an offshoot of Chicago wife and husband designers Sharon and Ted Burdett. Their larger design group is called Strand Design.

The Tree Theory bags are made from all recycled materials found around the city of Chicago (except for the stainless steel hardware holding it together, which is custom made), mainly recycled vinyl billboard material and recycled car seatbelts. The construction is folded, like origami, so there is no labor/ time-intensive sewing involved.

In terms of aesthetics, because the bag material is composed of billboard advertisements, the bags are graphically appealing, with bright colors and large abstract shapes. Each bag seems to be unique in its composition and color palate.

I like this one:

I'm impressed!

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