Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Artist: José Lerma

I've been aware of José Lerma's work for the last few years, my interest sparked by a print of his that I saw while working at Tandem Press in Madison, WI.

José Lerma, Untitled 2, 2006
Lithography, woodcut, ed. 20. 32" x 30 1/4". Printed at Tandem Press.

His globby, paint and fabric-stacked portraits are hilarious and heavy, yet delicately intricate. Lerma has been quite busy lately, showing at Andrea Rosen in New York and Gallery Loock Berlin. He also curated a huge group show called A PERSON OF COLOR: a mostly orange exhibition recently (including some of my favorites: Matt Nichols and Josué Pellot) in Milwaukee at Green Gallery. And, excitingly enough, opening April 8th, he's on the docket for gallery 2 at Chicago's Western Exhibitions.

José Lerma, I am sorry I am perry, at Andrea Rosen 2010

José Lerma, OLL KORRECT, 2010

José Lerma, Untitled, 2010

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