Monday, October 12, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Hollis Brown Thornton

I've mentioned Hollis Brown Thornton before, but I wanted to post a little bit more about him, because I keep returning to look at his work, to see what he's up to. The first image, of the lights, is one of the most recent. Those ghostly acrylic photo-based transfer images keep floating to the surface of my brain, and have done so continually ever since I first saw his work (possibly first seen in a DesignSponge post in April 2009?)

Tangent! There is a visual link to some of Suzanne Caporael's paintings (she is one of my absolute favorite, favorite contemporary artists--- more on her later). Take a look at this 2005 painting 482 (the hours) at Richard Gray Gallery here in Chicago.

I sense that my interest in her is connected to my interest in Thornton...

Thornton gives a detailed, incredibly useful explanation of the acrylic transfer process on his website, which I would love to get around to trying one day soon, seeing how I've really been immersing myself in photo-based image-making of late.

I was also pleasantly surprised to find out earlier this year that Thornton and I both had pieces in the A5 Art & Design Magazine Heroes Issue (No. 8). Below is the piece of mine, a painting in gouache over an old Wonder Woman comic, that was published.

(Click to view full size)

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