Monday, October 12, 2009

Word Banquet Hand-made Chocolates

(Photo by Catherine S. Vodrey)

(Photo by Catherine S. Vodrey)

Pure heaven. And made by my incredibly talented Aunt in the beautiful woods of Eastern Ohio! If you're in need of a tasty treat, or looking for a sweet hand-made gift for a loved one, these chocolates from Word Banquet (via Etsy) are out-of-this-world good!

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  1. Julia! You're the BEST! Thanks for the kind words!

    Just added a new one--chick it aht, as they say in Picksberk--it's a Lady Ruth bar. Sorta kinda like a Baby Ruth, but with a graham cracker base, homemade caramel with vanilla bean seeds, and cashews instead of peanuts. All enrobed in Callebaut Belgian chocolate, 52% cacao content. The consensus has been YUM YUM YUM.

    Thanks again!


    Aunt Catherine