Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Opportunity Shop v.2 (Opening Tonight!)

Julia V. Hendrickson
Hey, pretty lady! Look at me (2010)
Photopolymer etchings with found paper collage
9.5 x 15"

If you're free tonight, come down to the newest incarnation of The Op Shop (v.2) in Hyde Park (1530 East 53rd Street), opening tonight, 5:00-9:00pm.

I've been working on Hey, pretty lady! Look at me. (above) for this version of the Op Shop, which is located in what was most recently an old Hollywood video store.

From the press release:

Op Shop announces the grand opening of Adhocity: an evolving city within a city, a site available for experimentation and sharing. With an ad-hoc view of the future and an aim at presenting an ad-hoc portrait of Hyde Park, Op Shop has transformed the historic building at 53rd and Lake Park into a site for the ad hoc production and exhibition of art; for the exchange of homespun, ad-hoc indoor and outdoor gardening materials (dirt, seeds, trellises, houseplants, &c.); the exchange of immaterial support (storytelling, dialogue, advice, performance); the exchange of inanimate pleasures (collectibles, books, zines); and the ad-hoc development of alternative economies.

Each wall of Adhocity will be available to the community in a distinct way. Op Shop will present "Walls of Wonder/2nd life" an ad-hoc month long yard sale including novelties, art objects, exquisite things, curiosities, souvenirs, memorabilia of all kinds and more available for sale. On Saturdays, the United Church of Hyde Park will present "Market Days" an ever evolving array of treasures for your enjoyment, perusal and purchase.

Op Shop invites artists to install original artworks (one per artist, not to exceed 24" X 30") in one of the most original ad-hoc traditions: the Potluck. Beginning on the 27th of March and running through May 1st, the Potluck Art exhibit will function as a self-selecting salon.

Within the walls of Adhocity, various groups present various ad-hoc performances and installations. With press letters and sewing machines donated by the Resource Center, Op Shop will host a variety of free-for-all creative opportunities: Single Sock Sundays, Flag, Sign and Banner!, Fixin' Things and Mobile Animation Station. Paul Durica and Zach Abubeker present a recorded and evolving oral history of the site. Participants are invited to share memories, real or imagined, of the abandoned site. Cream Co. (Chicago) introduces General Economy, Exquisite Exchange (GEEE), a gardeners’ exchange inspired by private exchanges between neighbors. GEEE has, available for sale or trade, for gardeners and plant enthusiasts: seeds (tomatoes, basil and arugula), seedlings, April flowers, houseplants, compost, gardening books, ad-hoc tomato and lettuce trellises, and vases.

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