Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A bit of punctuation to protect me from this ending, please.

Some days are just disconcerting.

This Tate Modern Rodchenko & Popova show looks amazing. London, I want to visit you.

Been listening to some stuff by British musician Davy (Davey?) Graham. This version of Cry Me A River is completely stunning. I'm not sure about the racist balloon floating about in the picture, though...

When I got off work today I waited for the bus for what seemed like 20 minutes. The stop is close to the lake so it was especially cold and windy, but when the bus finally came my card decided not to work. I guess I must have broken it somehow today, since it was in my pocket. I had just been to deposit stuff at the bank, so no cash of course. I couldn't understand it-- the darn thing had worked this morning! The entire experience completely flustered me and disjointed my day. (I think I just made disjointed into a verb, which is not really a common usage--e.g. 15th century!, but I like it so it's staying put). I ended up taking a cab home, one of those awful big van ones. After wrenching the door open, I sat down all in a huff. There was an empty Miller Lite can in the backseat, and weird, tattered fabric covering the seats. The driver actually had to move his snacks and stuff out of the way so that I could sit in the back. Once I had a cab driver tell me that police can ticket cabs willy-nilly if the cars aren't clean (on the outside), so cab drivers hate muddy days because they're always having to go to car washes and stuff to keep from getting tickets.

I've been noticing lately just how many quirky and fascinating architectural tidbits Chicago's buildings have to offer, if only you look up once in awhile. There are so many freaking eagles and random faces carved into facades, it's insane. I need to take my little Nikon Coolpix out with me more and just collect some of this stuff. It's the modern/ deco bits that I love. I've always liked spotting ghost details on old brick walls (advertising, signs, shapes where adjacent buildings used to be), and I've been noticing a lot more storefront signs lately, too. Going to get a Polaroid soon, and maybe a Holga, because, why not? Those images could very well print wonderfully in photopolymer.

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  1. i went to that rodchenko popova show!! it was lovely and wonderful and eNORmous. in fact, it was so large that even i, an avid modern russian art historian and soon-to-be-getter-of-a-masters in that very field, felt like they had done too much. but my word was it beautiful.