Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last night was a rare night of insomnia for me, stayed up until I could hear birds waking up with day. I almost made it to sunrise, thought about going out to the lake to watch it, but didn't make it quite that far. I ended up editing this short story I've been writing, One Hand, and it's progressing nicely (with the immense helpfulness of comments from J.B. and T.L.!) I finally added names, which was a good progression into the land of fiction. Names are so hard, though. So many connotations and weighted choices in names.

Just got off the phone with J.B., who sent me a song he's been working on. I love love love sharing creative things with friends, having there be a dialogue and a communication about something you've put time and soul into. It's so important and I wish I did it more often, with more people. I want this blog to kind of spark more things like that, a sharing of mutually interesting ideas.

I've been trying to work on more Scottie dog illustrations tonight but it's so hard to do "matching" illustrations in terms of theme and style that would be appropriate for a card series. Mostly I just want to draw things that stand alone instead.

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