Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happenings, this first weekend in May

May?! Really?

April felt like a cool wet breeze, punctuated by a lovely weekend cabin reunion. Other than that I'm not sure how April slipped through my fingers so. Alas, onward we go...

Art Chicago is looking like a pretty cool shindig to check out this weekend. If I can snag a student ticket I think I'll try to head over to the Merchandise Mart on Friday and take a little looksee around. Hopefully I'll see some of the Tandem Press crew there, stop by and say hi, reminisce about cutting those crazy amounts of Judy Pfaff Year of the Dog stencils, you know, the usual. The lectures and seminars that they are offering at Art Chicago look really interesting as well, so I hope that just one ticket gives you access to everything.

Also really, really want to get into The Books concert at the MCA on Sunday. It's been sold out for a while, but I may just try and go anyway, stand in line, see if I can hop in if someone doesn't show at the last minute.

Fun fact: the This American Life movie screening is happening again, as an encore performance on May 7th. Tickets are a blistering $18 so I'm not sure I want to see Ira Glass on the big screen that much, but I still am interested in the show itself. Maybe it will be a DVD adventure in a few months. Mainly I just want to see how awkward Ira Glass is in person, and the Chris Ware bit, whatever craziness he gets up to.

Thinking about The Roches' Hammond Song-- I think it's the one P.E. and I listened to in the car on the drive from Cleveland, and I'm really digging it more and more. Up until hearing this song I really never thought about The Roches having more music in the world other than their Christmas album, We Three Kings, because that is all I ever heard growing up. But I may have to investigate them a bit more thoroughly.

Here is the song (not a great recording, but it'll have to do):

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