Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Didgeridoo's and don'ts

I've been full of didgeridoo's and don'ts lately. Could turn into a pretty silly series.

News from the wild: due to certain unforseen events, I am now left with a large amount of time on my hands. Job searching has descended upon me once again. Good things lurk on the horizion, and I have filled my notebooks with an awful lot of doodling. The text and image combinations are prevalent and striking, more so than they've ever been. Nothing is polished-looking or finished, but perhaps I'll post a few knick-knacks here soon.

Also: going to start writing occasional art reviews for NewCity. I am excited about this. I like projects and deadlines; they keep the wheels turning, the butter churning. I am happy to be a part of awesome things like this (oh, Jason!):

(Tangent: I was peeling carrots this weekend and all I could think about was Laura Ingalls Wilder adding carrots to the churned cream to make the color of the butter more attractive).

First order of business (glee!): visit Laura Shaeffer at Home Gallery in Hyde Park to see Nathaniel Russell's work in the NOWS exhibit. I have so many questions for him! Goody.

Among many other things, I'm curious about what's inside this book of his, part of a series published through Little Paper Planes.

It's really weird to me how many random connections are happening lately between me/ things I have/ other artists. Case in point-- a few months ago I finally ordered a couple of beautiful state "Birds & Blooms" letterpress prints from Dutch Door Press, via Little Paper Planes. In that package was a postcard for a show called "Buddy System" at Rare Device in San Francisco. I liked the card, very simple and Gerhard Richter-esque, and have it sitting on the windowsill in my kitchen. Unbeknownst to me, for I chanced upon his work via other means, Mr. Russell had work in that show...

Also strange/ wonderful/ small: through the Chicago Printer's Guild I met Chicago artist Jessica Taylor, and just yesterday realized that I have a lovely minimalist embossed screenprint of hers hanging in my hallway. And I got it via that Spudnik Press "Tender Twenties" portfolio exchange last year. Small, small world.


  1. I have desperately wanted to churn butter ever since I first read that passage in Little House in the Big Woods. Glad to know at least one other girl was as strange as I was....

    I also just stumbled upon Little Paper Planes, the other day! I'm giddy with discoveries.

  2. Well I'm glad we are strange and giddy together! :)