Friday, February 12, 2010

Aspara-geese Greetings on a Friday night

Julia V. Hendrickson, Hello. GREETINGS! from the Aspara-geese, pen and ink on light green paper (2010)

Here's new pen and ink drawing I've been playing around with.

Off for a real Chicago-kind of Friday night. Opening at Ebersmoore in the West Loop for artists Ryan Travis Christian and Jonathan Runcio. Indian food at Jaipur, and a long Halsted bus ride home. Details forthcoming.
A more in-depth review is forthcoming, but here's a tidbit...

Ebersmoore turns out to be a very cool little gallery in the West Loop. Oddly enough, I couldn't get over the wooden floors, which were a delicious, deep dark brown. I was extremely impressed with Ryan Travis Christian's work, and surprisingly so, because seeing images of his drawings online left me not expecting very much. The intricacy and detail of his drawings, and the way he plays with time and space, is fascinating.
Ryan Travis Christian, (title unknown), graphite on paper

Jonathan Runcio's paintings and sculpture were much as I expected from looking at his website-- no new realizations appeared after seeing his work in person. I am still quite drawn to his vibrant colors and color field layering over the linen, however.

Jonathan Runcio, Capital Zero: Works on Linen, Untitled (2009)
spraypaint on linen

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